Welcome to the official website of the city of Zittau!

Johannisturm Foto Thomas Glaubitz

We are pleased to welcome you to our pages. At this point you are probably expecting the translation of the website into your language. As we have noticed in the past years that zittau.de is visited by more and more users from Poland and the Czech Republic, but that these guests hardly use the translated offer but prefer to have the German-language pages translated by their browsers, we will do without the complete translation of the pages, in the future. Instead, translated pages will only be offered in isolated cases where a completely correct translation is useful and necessary. You will then find a button on the corresponding pages that allows you to switch to your language.
We ask for your understanding and hope you enjoy our website.
With kind regards
Kai Grebasch
Press Officer

P.S.: This text was automatically translated on deepl.com.